Nikukiosk Self-Service Solution


NiKUKiOSK has been successfully deploying self-service kiosks across the country in a wide range of solutions:

• Self-Check-in Kiosks and Passenger Management systems for Airports, Railway and Bus stations.

• Self-ordering and Payment kiosks, and Restaurants Management Software AKA POS systems (Backstage actions software) for Restaurants, Fast-food chains, and other Food related retail shops.

• Payment Kiosk for Pharmacies, Drug stores, Retail stores, and etc.

• Ticketing and Self-service Hospitality Kiosks and Solutions for Tourism and Hospitability industry. (Check-in/Check-out, User’s guide, Backstage actions software)

• Self-service Reception Kiosks and Visitor Management Systems for Hospitals, Health Clinics, and Doctor’s Offices. (With Backstage actions software)

Additionally, NikuKiosk is available to customize its Service solutions for your brand. Custom Kiosks are designed based on your services and brand identity. And we will consult you to build and own a kiosk that meets your aesthetic and functional needs.


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